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Genesis Water Softener Review

Just think about how many times you`ve seen scales and spots on your kitchen appliances or your bathtub. Avoiding having these at your home will surely make it look cleaner. We all know about those horrible rings that sometimes can appear on your bathtub. This happens because of hard water. Hard water is water that has a high level of magnesium and calcium. However, hard water can sometimes be healthy.

According to one of the studies, hard water can benefit you because of the materials that you can find in it. However, you can achieve that by applying other methods. Hard water will still be a problem for your house. Now, we will present you with Genesis water softener. One of the best water softener systems you can find on the market.

Discount Water Softeners

Genesis water softeners have another name. That name is discount water softeners. This is due to their only distributor called Discount Water Softeners Inc. The company is in the business for more than twenty years. This company doesn`t make them, their real manufacturer is not known. However, the Discount Water Softeners Inc. will issue you the warranty paper.

The capacity of the tank is optional. You can choose between 24.000, 32.000, 40.000, 48.000, 64.000, 80.000, and 96.000-grain tank capacity. You should be careful about this because if you choose the wrong one, it can spend too much water and salt while regenerating. Of course, which one you will choose depends on your needs. These softeners can be used for treating various levels of hard water, from lowest to the most severe level.

Benefits of Using Genesis Water Softener

  • Genesis softeners are made and put together in the USA.
  • They are pretty easy to use. The programming of this one is a piece of cake. You need to program the basic settings only the first time you are using them. The only thing you need to remember about the maintaining is refilling the salt when needed.
  • Genesis water softener is an environmentally-friendly device.
  • Like with any water softener, setting up this one is not an easy job. However, if you have some tools and a little experience, you should try it.
  • Every time the device will save you the water and salt. That way you can save some money over time.
  • You have a 10-year warranty on the program and unlimited warranty on the tanks.

The Verdict – Why You Should Choose Genesis?

Genesis water softeners are more effective than most softeners you can find on the market, with only half of the usual water and salt usage. So even if the price is a little high at first, you should consider the money it can save you in the future. A 10-year program warranty and unlimited tank warranty is not something you should consider when you are choosing a new softener for your household. Unlike the most softeners, this one can be used for various levels of hard water cases. The customer service works well, so if you have any questions, feel free to contact them.