Honey Is Not Just For Eating


Health Benefits Of Manuka Honey


Not too many people know that honey has a medicinal aspect to it. Most people believe that honey is simply a sugary product that goes well on a butter toast. This, is a crime. Everyone should know the amazing health benefits that manuka honey brings about.

Ancient cave paintings clearly depict how people used honey as medicine over 8,000 years ago. The more sophisticated paintings show how people climbed trees to collect the gold nectar from beehives, and later on applied it to physical wounds.

Georgia (the country) is particularly rich on such cave paintings. According to some scriptures, honey was placed in people’s graves in order to travel with them in their afterlife. Interestingly enough, there was more than one type of honey collected and buried with the dead people.

First signs of health usage and benefits of honey are seen in Egypt. Their legends claim that the God of fertility was offered honey and that’s how he gained his powers. In that region honey has also been used to embalm the dead.

But enough about the dead. Let’s talk about honey’s uses and benefits on the living.

The naturally produced gold nectar does not simply stimulate some taste buds. It is has also proven quite helpful in recovering burns, cuts or rashes. There are numerous reviews of manuka honey brands that have proven such medicinal qualities. Even though this honey is quite rare, and only attainable in New Zealand, its health benefits are incredible.

Research has demonstrated that manuka honey has around 1000 times more MGO (Methylglyoxal) than any other honey. This high MGO level makes this honey very high on anti-bacterial properties. For this reason, when applied to an open wound or cut, it can help quickly kill the destructive bacteria and help the healing process.

The first uses of manuka honey for wound treatment were introduced during World War II. The armies of the allies were running low on antibiotics, so their medics begun to use honey to close wounds and treat wounded soldiers. Since then, a lot of research has supported the high potency of manuka.

These same anti-bacterial properties make manuka one of the most desirable components for beauty products. Many face creams have some low factor manuka honey in them in order to help skin rejuvenation.

Mostly, of course, honey is used for sore throats. Especially when it is mixed with a warm glass of milk and some butter. Such treatment was first introduced by various Native American tribes long before Columbus made his way to the New Continent.

The latest research on raw honey shows that it is beneficial to treating digestive disorders as well. One spoon in the morning, and one in the evening can help calm the digestive system. Continuous usage of manua honey can even begin a healing process.

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